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Graphing the Rise of David Brat on Breitbart

The New York Times had an article saying that conservative voices influenced the victory of David Brat over Eric Cantor. So, we decided to dig into the data on the coverage of David Brat on .

Our data & analysis shows that Breitbart wrote about 14 stories on the David Brat & Eric Cantor race from April 11th  to June 9th. The initial post introducing Brat to the community was on April 11 2014 which got only about 17 comments, possibly reflecting for the unknown reputation of Brat & also the election being some time away. However, the next post on April ...

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Languages, Frameworks & Platforms used by Y Combinator Companies

We collected job posting data from about 90 Y Combinator companies to see what programming languages, frameworks & platforms were used by them. Here is the chart. For example, Ruby on Rail was used by 21 companies. Some companies could use Python & Django so it would be counted separately.

Example of Programming Languages & Frameworks used by YC Companies:

  • RoR: Tops the prefered framework for the companies in the consumer internet & Enterprise software space. YC startups who are using RoR include: ZenPayroll (Human Resources), Asile50 (retailer deals), BackerKit (Crowdfunding), Rainforest (QA Testing), BuildZoom (Home remodeling marketplace), GinzaMetrics (Sales & Marketing, Advertising) & inDinero (Accounting ...

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Patent Lawsuit Rampages

Patents are supposed to be given to ideas that are non-obvious. Therefore, when a patent lawsuit is filed one would think that it would be against an individual perpetrator who infringed the non-obvious idea of the patent holder. But, how about when patents are filed against an entire class of companies. How can it be that an entire group utilized this non-obvious idea. Could it be that these patents were obvious in the first place & that everybody adopted a common and obvious practice?

Our research on the lawsuits of patent holding firms shows that a single patent or a group ...

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What Happened to SF Bay Area Startups after the Series A Crunch?

About 12 to 18 months ago, the whole tech & start up world was worried about the Series A crunch. For those who came in late, the Series A crunch refers to the mathematical funding constraint of  an increase in funding for seed stage startups with no corresponding increase in total funding at the next Series A. We analyzed the data of startups that were supposed to die from Crunchbase & co-related that with Mattermark & other data to see what really happened. 

Sarah Lacy of Pando Daily wrote on Nov 28 2012, after talking to about 20 investors , that "As many as ...

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