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$942 $1,361 $1,577

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Crum & Forster Insurance
My deductible is $1000. It could get lower to $500. I am willing to pay higher deductible for cheaper monthly coverage.
Narragansett Bay Insurance Company
I do not like that insurance is required by law. Since insurance is required I think prices should be fixed. Since prices are not fixed, companies can get away with charging more for their services.
State Farm
You no longer have to deal with an actual agent. Some people like that; it always bothered me as I felt I was paying more to cover their wages.
American National Property And Casualty Company
American National offers the same type offerings as the leading insurance companies at a more affordable rate. Premium is lower and matched previous insurance company offers.
I have roadside assistance and had to call once for a lockout. It was a very long process. I had to go through a whole automated system before I actually talked to a person. When I finally got someone on the phone I was asked a ton of questions. It took a very long time.
Alfa Insurance
I would say that my car insurance policy is decent as I think it is very comparable to all other insurance companies. I think that I like my policy because I get a discount because my other family members have insurance with them.
Westfield Insurance
This company does not have as many great benefits according to other insurance companies that are looked down upon. Recently looking over the roadside service information I was not impressed at all.
Arbella Insurance
Its hard to judge a company when I have not had to file a claim but I have had no issues with them. My truck originally in 2012 was worth over $45,000 so 6 years later I expected my premium to be less, which it is.
The company is easily accessible and ready to help me any way they can. Always very kind and pleasant when I talk to anyone from the company.
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State Farm Auto Insurance, Boston, MA
$77/1 month
Car Insurance Policy Holder
  • Divorced 25 Years old Male licensed 6 years ago with Own Jeep Grand Cherokee Overland used for Business with estimated annual mileage of 15,001 - 20,000.
  • bachelors degree & Full Time Job.
  • No accidents , No traffic tickets , No DUIs , No Licence suspensions .
Car Insurance Policy & Coverage Details:
  • 1 car insured & 3 people are part of this policy
  • Home and Auto insurance are from difference companies
  • $50K (Per Person Bodily Injury) / $100K (Per Accident Bodily Injury)
  • 5 K Property Damage
  • 100 K Personal Injury Protection
  • 25 K Uninsured Motorists Bodily Injury
  • 50 K Uninsured Motorists Property Damage

Auto insurance in Boston

Bostonians enjoyed a brief window of low insurance premiums from 2008 to early 2012, when Massachusetts opened the state to competition. Since early 2012, however, auto insurance rates have been steadily rising. Boston is currently the 44th most expensive city to buy auto insurance in, with an average yearly insurance rate of $1,361. Massachusetts, with an average yearly insurance of $1,625, is the 14th most expensive state to buy insurance in.

In this feature, we will examine the auto insurance rates of the eight most popular cars in the state: Toyota’s Corolla and Camry, Nissan’s Altima, Honda’s CR-V, Civic and, Accord, Ford’s F-Series, and Chevrolet’s Silverado.

The Honda CR-V, one of the most popular compact SUVs from Honda, has an average yearly insurance rate of $1,124 in Boston, which is the lowest among all the cars. The Chevrolet Silverado, on the other hand, has an insurance average of $1344, which is the highest among the cars on the list.

Nissan’s Altima, another hot customer favorite, has an average yearly insurance rate as high as $ 1,330. The Honda Civic, Honda’s compact car, has an insurance average of $1,225, while the insurance average of the Honda Accord is $1,217. Among the Honda cars, the Civic is, therefore, the most expensive to insure in Boston.

Of Toyota’s two cars –the Corolla and the Camry – there is merely a difference of $15 between the average insurance rates. While the insurance average of the Corolla is $ 1,195, it costs $1,210 to insure the Camry in Boston.

The average yearly insurance of the Ford F-Series is $1,207.

The auto insurance rates in Massachusetts are reportedly higher than they were before the government deregulated the insurance industry. Insurance companies have been known to increase premiums several times a year. This may affect you even more if there are other factors contributing to raising your premiums, e.g. your driving record, high number of claims, or age, etc.

Boston Car Insurance Rate Comparisons

Boston, MA's average car insurance of $1361 differs from Saugus, MA (+$169), Malden, MA (+$197), Medford, MA (+$197) and Massachusetts (+$264)

Boston Saugus, MA Malden, MA Medford, MA Massachusetts
Median Insurance Rates $1361 +$169 +$197 +$197 +$264

Boston Car Insurance Savings By Neighborhood & Street Area

Boston Driver Street Residence & Car Locations Car Details in Boston Boston Driver Demographics Boston Auto Insurance Estimates Recent Boston Insurance Savings
Orient Heights
Saint Andrew Rd1999 Buick Century Custom17 year female teenager$3,357$490
Gladstone St2009 Ford Fusion SE62 year male senior$1,215$366
Bigelow Cir2004 Jeep Grand Cherokee Overland36 year married man$1,406$952
Durland St2009 Mazda MAZDA3 s Sport77 year female senior$1,125$862
East Boston
Condor St2012 Hyundai Sonata GLS84 year senior$1,335$994
Frankfort St2006 Chrysler 300 Touring32 year married woman$1,242$402
Hyde Park
Braeburn Rd2014 Volkswagen Jetta S24 year woman$1,304$916
Braewood St2013 Honda Civic LX21 year man$1,635$665
Fields Corner
Matigon Rd2009 Cadillac DTS Luxury 6-Passenger16 year teenager$3,782$640
Lonsdale St2012 Dodge Journey SXT19 year male teenager$3,898$785

Boston Post DUI Car Insurance Rates

Boston Winthrop Town Revere Arlington Massachusetts
Median Post DUI Insurance Rate $2531 +$296 +$383 +$1430 +$491
Male Teenager Post DUI Insurance Rate $6757 +$790 +$1023 +$3820 +$1311
Female Teenager Post DUI Insurance Rate $5872 +$686 +$889 +$3318 +$1140

The Post DUI insurance in Boston, MA's is $2531 compared to Winthrop Town (+$296), Revere (+$383), Arlington (+$1430) and Massachusetts (+$491)

In Boston, a male teenager with Post DUI pays $885 more than a female teenager Post DUI. For Example, a Male Teenager Post DUI with a 2004 Jeep Grand Cherokee Overland in Boston, MA would pay $5540 on auto insurance while a female teenager POST DUI would pay $4815.

Boston Car Insurance by Segment

Boston Teenagers Car Insurance Rates Comparison

49711 Boston Teenagers (8% of total population), 47% Male & 53% Female.

Boston Somerville Chelsea Melrose Massachusetts
All Teenagers $3375 -$461 +$1009 -$804 +$655
Male Teenager $3633 -$496 +$1087 -$865 +$705
Female Teenager $3157 -$431 +$944 -$752 +$613

Boston teenagers pay $3375 in insurance in contrast with Somerville (-$461), Chelsea (+$1009), Melrose (-$804) and Massachusetts (+$655). The difference between Male & Female teenagers in Boston is $476


  • 2010 Lincoln MKZ Base Male Teenager Insurance Rate $3,839
  • 2014 Kia Sorento LX Female Teenager Insurance Rate $3,002

Boston Men & Women Car Insurance

619662 Boston Adults (100% of total population), 48% Men & 52% Women.

Boston Suffolk County Cambridge Hull Massachusetts
All Women $1292 +$123 -$176 +$171 +$251
Married Women $1238 +$117 -$169 +$163 +$240
All Men $1864 +$177 -$255 +$245 +$362
Married Men $1714 +$163 -$234 +$226 +$333

The typical insurance rate of $1864 that Boston Men pay varies from Suffolk County (+$177), Cambridge (-$255), Hull (+$245) and Massachusetts (+$362). In Boston, married men pay $476 more than married women.


  • 2007 Chevrolet Silverado 2500HD Classic LS Married Men Insurance Rate $1,898
  • 2008 GMC Sierra 1500 Denali Married Women Insurance Rate $1,610

Boston Senior Car Insurance

89099 Boston Seniors (14% of total population), 42% Senior Men & 58% Senior Women.

Boston Revere Chelsea Everett Massachusetts
All Seniors $1279 +$193 +$382 +$206 +$248
Senior Men $1333 +$202 +$399 +$215 +$259
Senior Women $1197 +$181 +$358 +$193 +$233

Boston seniors pay $1279 in insurance compared to Revere (+$193), Chelsea (+$382), Everett (+$206) and Massachusetts (+$248). In Boston, senior men pay $136 more than senior women.

Boston Car Insurance Discounts for Multiple Vehicles

Boston Population with 1 Vehicle 105435 (42% of Boston population), 2 Vehicles 42209 (17% of the Boston population) and 3 vehicles 8371 (3% of the population)

Boston Hull Revere Winthrop Town Massachusetts
2 Vehicles $2586 +$340 +$392 +$302 +$502
3 Vehicles $3947 +$519 +$598 +$461 +$766
4 Vehicles $5308 +$698 +$804 +$620 +$1030

Car Insurance Agents in Boston, MA

Rank Agent Name Agent Contact
1 AAA Insurance 125 High St, Boston, MA 2110
2 AAW Insurance Agency, Inc. 373 Cambridge St, Boston, MA
3 Acclaim Insurance Agency 3 Hudson St, Boston, MA 2111
4 Advance Muffler & Brake Company 185 Broadway, Boston, MA
5 ALD Insurance Agency, Inc. 60A Brighton Ave, Boston, MA
6 Alemu World Insurance Agency 471 Columbus Ave, Boston, MA 2116
7 Alewife Company 256 Prospect St, Boston, MA
8 Alliant Insurance Services 131 Oliver St Fl 4, Boston, MA 2110
9 Allston Car Wash 434 Cambridge St, Boston, MA
10 Allston Insurance Agency 1065 Commonwealth Ave, Boston, MA 2215

Boston Auto Insurance Rates Vary by Deductible

Low Deductible ($500) High Deductible ($1000)
Make & Model Example Claim Amount Yearly Premium Total Yearly Cost Yearly Premium Total Yearly Cost Net Savings for High Deductible Plan
Ford, Focus S $300 $1,340 $1,640 $1,250 $1,550 $90
Dodge, Charger SXT $100 $1,530 $1,630 $1,440 $1,540 $90
Nissan, Juke S $500 $1,450 $1,950 $1,340 $1,840 $110
Mitsubishi, Outlander GT $1,000 $1,450 $1,950 $1,360 $2,360 $-410
Lincoln, MKT $200 $1,360 $1,560 $1,280 $1,480 $80