Raltin's Data & Tools Help Investors Get An Edge

Raltin has in depth data & tools to help investors get an edge in the market. Here is a continuously updated list of data & tools to help investors succeed. To access these data sets & tools, please email raltin@raltin.com

No. Data Set

Raltin’s Correlation analytics helps identify pair trading opportunities, hedge ratios and diversify risk

Raltin runs 2.5+ Billion correlations on 40,000+ stocks, mutual funds and ETFs to identify most (and inversely) correlated stock, ETF or mutual fund for a given ticker. To sample any of these analytics just search for any ticker or click on this example ETF - GLD


Raltin’s Technical Indicator Library is the Largest

Save countless hours from replicating and building your own technical indicator library and just use Raltin’s library of hundreds of technical indicators that are also being continuously updated. Want us to add more technical indicators? Just email raltin@raltin.com and we will add that to our library.


Download 10-K & 10-Q Tables into Excel

Investors & financial modellers spend countless hours copy & pasting numbers from 10ks & 10qs into Excel before they can model relevant data. Raltin’s has developed the most advanced 10-K & 10-Q parsing technology to help investors download detailed tables to Excel. These tables not only include standard financial statements but in-depth company-specific data such as operating segments financial driver data and other ad hoc details.

Click here to to test and download 10-K & 10-Q Data into Excel.


Raltin identifies top investors with the best track record for picking stock outperformers

Raltin identifies investors with the best ability to pick stock outperformers compared to the S&P 500. Identifying these top funds helps other investors shortlist stocks which have a higher chance of outperforming the S&P 500 in the future.

Use Cases of the Data Sets:

  • Fundamental Investors who are looking to make a purchase in a specific stock can see the top investors on those stocks
  • Algorithmic / Quant / Statistical traders can use the top investors & new stock purchase data to add to their existing signals for trading algorithms
  • Institutional brokerages can use this data to identify investors with the best track records in specific stocks

For a summarized methodology on how Raltin identifies top investors, click here.