By: Manisha Sethi May. 14, 2018

The recent drop in Facebook's share price after the Cambridge Analytica revelations could have a large impact on funds like DSM Capital, Appaloosa Management, Polen Capital and several other high profile investors. looked at 13F forms filed by the funds lin Q4 2017 to see who is likely to be impacted the most by the recent news.

Raltin analyzed the top 100 holders of Facebook stock and then re-ranked them based on the concentration of Facebook stock compared to the overall portfolio. Our analysis revealed 8 funds with more than a 5% exposure of their Q4 2017 13F portfolio to Facebook. The top three funds with the highest exposure were Daniel Strickberger’s DSM Capital, David Tepper’s Appaloosa & David Polen’s Polen capital who had an exposure of 9.4%, 9% & 7.9% respectively.

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FundValue of Facebook stock held ($)Facebook stock % of 13 F Filings Portfolio
DSM Capital677 Million9.44
Appaloosa975 Million9.09
Polen Capital1.065 Billion7.92
Magellan Asset Management2.35 Billion7.84
Sands Capital Management2.233 Billion6.77
Coatue Management863 Million6.76
Carmignac Gestion961 Million6.39
Edgewood Management1.29 Billion5.65

Apart from these larger funds, there are several smaller funds whose value of Facebook stock as the percentage of total portfolio value is more than 15%. The fund with the highest concentration in Facebook was Francis Financial where 39% of its total portfolio was in that single stock.  The other two funds with a concentration of more than 25% in Facebook were Neumann Advisory & Millennium TVP. The complete list of funds with the highest concentration of exposure to Facebook is given below.

FundFacebook Stock Value as a % of PortfolioFacebook Holding Values ($)Total Value of 13 F Portfolio ($)
Francis Financial39.6218 Million46 Million
Neumann Advisory33.7457 Million170 Million
Millennium TVP27.825 Million91 Million
Dorsey Asset Management23.5565 Million277 Million
Fox Point Capital234 Million19 Million
Catamount Wealth Management22.8340 Million179 Million
Parus Finance22.2122 Million553 Million
BosValen Asset Management21.4221 Million98 Million
Greenbrier Partners18.41102 Million555 Million
Evanson Asset Management17.1183 Million486 Million
Blue Pool Management16.9435 Million211 Million